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   Driver CPC, do I need it? - Yes you do
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If you are intending to driver for hire and reward you will need a DQC, call today to book your space. We are running regular week day and Saturday courses.

We provide training during the full week and a number of Saturdays each month. Please call 01379 854486 for available space.

Any drivers of vehicles 3.5 tonnes and above must have obtained a Driver CPC qualification since 10th Sep 2014 or else the driver will no longer be legal to drive for hire and reward. 

You face being fined up to £1,000 and even losing your livelihood if you don’t finish your training in time, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has warned. 

Driver CPC?

The main question we get asked:

Do I really need Driver CPC?

The simple answer is generally Yes, this is an EU directive and will be enforced, unless you are exempt, click here for details



Since the 10th September 2014 you must complete 35 hours of periodic training to drive for hire & reward



35 hours of Driver CPC training work out to 5 days, if you haven't started your training talk to us today about spreading the days



From 2014 you will have 5 years to complete another 35 hours to keep your DQC up to date, don't leave it till the last minute again. 

Talk to us today about how this affects you.

Driver CPC Courses

Driver CPC is by attendance of the mandatory 7 hours and there is no pass/fail although drivers will carry out an end of module assessment to ensure the driver understands all of the course content that has been delivered.

We run courses across East Anglia and have a dedicated training room on the Norfolk / Suffolk border with easy access.

We also run courses in Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester, Chelmsford, West Thurrock, Peterborough and Cambridge. If you have a number of drivers at your business and an area to seat them we can arrange training to be done at your location.

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Driver CPC Training

Driver CPC - DQC Example

From September 2014 all existing licence holders must have completed and achieved their 35 hours training and obtained their Drivers Qualifications Card.

Courses are run during the week plus week ends, this enables delegates to complete either a 35 hour course or individual 7 hour blocks.