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5 Day driver CPC training

Driver CPC 5 Day Training

We have week courses running usually one week a month and some Saturdays

Saturday dates are now being added to continue the DriverCPC training through in to 2019.

Not started your Periodic training, don't panic! 

Our 5 day Driver CPC Training course could be the answer. We run one and sometimes 5 day courses during a single month, please check our Training Calendar to see the next available dates

We are now running each day with different modules to make sure you get the most out of your week, booking a whole week in one block will work out cheaper, doing this now means you will get your DQC to enable you to drive legally

You can complete the whole 5 days or choose the days you wish to attend to suit your needs.

The Driver CPC modules are usually as follows  during the weekly courses unless otherwise stated 

Monday1A & 1B1A Rules & Regulations - EU Drivers Hours, Tachographs 
1B Safety & Security Essentials - driver safety, traffic accident procedures, security & crime prevention                     
Tuesday2C & 2A2C Know your vehicle - Staying legal, fuels and lubricants, maintenance and safety equipment
2A Loading & Unloading - Weights and load distribution, loading equipment, load restraint systems
Wednesday3A & 3B3A Driving Forward - Fuel economy, driving safely, highway code and personal safety vehicle checks
3B Deliving the Goods - Health & Safety points covering rual and urban driving, Route planning, customer service
Thursday2B & 1C2B Delivery Safety - Health & Safety at work, vehicle movements in yard / terminals, hazards & precautions, manual handling, PPE
1C Driver Welfare - General conditions that affect the health, stress, night time driving and tiredness, diet and dehydration
Friday6A6A Vulnerable Road Users - Road user facts and figures regarding incidents and dangers with cyclists, motor cyclists, horse riders, pedestrians and car users. 

Training starts at 8.00 with paperwork registration at 7.45, training finishes after 16.00 

We can offer a 5 day booking for training at a reduced rate, please call 01379  854486 for more details